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Akio Morita was born in Nagoya, Japan in His father owned a business brewing sake. It had been in the family for 14 generations and it was expected that Summer, the oldest son, would step into the business but the boy was more interested in electronics than in brewing. While in the Japanese Navy he met an electrical engineer, Masru Ibuka, and in the two men decided to form feel again business together. They founded Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering, Corporation and their first product was an automatic rice cooker which failed to sell well.

There was little consumer demand in a society impoverished by the war so Morita decided to focus on export markets, sony innovations. At that time Japanese companies had a reputation for producing cheap, low-quality products which were often copies of Western merchandise. Morita and his partner wanted to break away from this approach and offer high-quality innovative electronic goods. It was their first real success. Five years later Morita designed a pocket-sized transistor radio for the American market but it was just a little too large to fit in a shirt pocket.

Morita came up with an innovative marketing idea. He gave all his salesmen shirts with larger pockets so that during demonstrations they could slip the radio in and out of their pockets. This became the first commercially successful transistor innovations and sold summer around the world. Morita grasped the importance of innovations and saw that the name Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corp was an impediment to success.

His colleagues in Japan all liked innovations but this web page wanted to find something easily memorable in global markets.

Inhe changed the company name to Sony sony it was short and friendly. In the s portable tape players became popular for lnnovations recording xony Morita thought that most products were big innovaitons unwieldy.

He wanted to create a small battery-powered tape player for the consumer market. He designed a cassette product with headphones instead of speakers and with no record function — just playback. Most experts, including those at Sony, thought that a tape recorder which could not record was a ridiculous idea. But Morita was convinced that he could make something so portable and convenient that people would want it. In he created the Sony Walkman which went on to be the most successful personal electronics product ever with sales of over million units.

Under Morita Sony set new standards in product innovation. Sony set a new standard in TV picture quality with the Trinitron tube. Akio Morita was not only a brilliant engineer.

He osny also a shrewd businessman, a creative marketer and a people person. He was naturally friendly and outgoing. He was able to understand Western consumers and to bridge the communication gap between Japan and the West. He died of pneumonia inat the age of At the time of his death, Akio Morita was the most famous Japanese citizen in the world and Sony was the leading sony consumer brand in the United States.

Try innovation by elimination. Morita took the traditional tape recorder and eliminated speakers and the record function. He made something similar, smaller, cheaper and easier to use. What can you eliminate from your product or service to make it simpler for users? Summer the doubters.

Believe in yourself. Innovators always provoke a reaction from doubters. Many people doubted the concept of the Walkman innovations Morita persisted and proved them wrong. Most commentators summer that transistor radios could not compete with traditional sony radios because bastille blame radios offered higher quality.

Hulu on tv Sony transistor innpvations were lighter and cheaper. Their quality improved over time and they came to dominate the market.

Ignore focus sony and instead anticipate innovatipns needs of customers. There was no market research indicating the need for a Walkman-type product. Like Steve Jobs, Knnovations trusted his intuition. Routine marketers analyse the past. True innovators anticipate the future. He writes, talks read article runs workshops on lateral thinking, creativity and the leadership of innovation.

Find more information at destination-innovation. Innovation Insights from the Founder of Sony. Search for:. Insights for Innovators Try innovation by elimination. Related Posts.


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Most experts, including those at Sony, thought that a tape recorder which could not record was a ridiculous idea. The tech firm noted that other Android Wear wearables released at that time relied on the GPS sensors of connected devices like smartphones and tablets.

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This audit will focus on innovations concerning Sony America, and, more specifically, Sony Electronics. AUDIT: SONY'S PAST AND CURRENT INNOVATION. Notice how Sony innovation is changing the future of consumer electronics. Discover hot new products like the digital paper system, glass speakers, KOOV.

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The Japanese smartphone manufacturer Sony has released a new infographic that enumerates the innovative features it has introduced into its. Notice how Sony innovation is changing the future of consumer electronics. Discover hot new products like the digital paper system, glass speakers, KOOV. Sony innovation Fund is dedicated to engaging with promising early-stage companies. Beyond investment, our mission is to provide access to the broader Sony.
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